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Your Customers are on WhatsApp

Are you ?

WhatsApp is the most used app across Southern Africa and 68% of WhatsApp users think it is the easiest way to connect with businesses. Meeticks Africa provides Automated Chatbots over WhatsApp for businesses like yours.

Leverage the power of Whatsapp.

Over 90% of Botswana mobile data users are on WhatsApp. Speak to your customers where they are.

Understand your customers.

Create Surveys that run on WhatsApp. Conduct market research, get feedback from your customers.

Understand the “why” behind your data

Market research surveys make it easy to get opinions from potential and existing customers, test concepts, measure brand awareness, and more.

Know your score

Keep a competitive edge by truly understanding your customers. Customer satisfaction surveys help you find out exactly what your customers want, need, and expect.

Provide Customer Satisfaction

Improve service delivery and customer support through fully automated self-care chatbots, available 24/7.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Introduce self-service options by automating your communication on WhatsApp with the help of chatbots. Reduce costs and increase agent productivity.

Increase Customer Engagement

Add WhatsApp to your contact center and let your agents easily connect with customers – providing personalized support through multiple chats at the same time.

Secured dashboard with data analytics

Manage everything via a powerful dashboard

Easy setup

Create and manage your surveys, tutorials and FAQs and make them available instantly available on your Whatsapp menu. Easily find information via our powerful search functionality.


Only you have access to your customers and your data. Our platform uses the latest HTTPS protocol along with strong authentication mechanisms and the latest encryption standards to ensure data security.

Data anlytics

We make life easier for you by providing ready made dashboard reports including charts and verbatims. At any point you know exactly how custoemrs are interacting with your surveys so you can adapt for better results.

Export your data

At any point, you can download your raw data in CSV or PDF format to include it in your internal data analytics pipeline. The CSV files can also be used for further analysis as you require.

Contact information

We’re here for to work with you and find the ideal solution to grow your business.

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