62.7% Struggle To Make Ends Meet


by Meeticks Africa



As a firm that focuses on market research, polls, and surveys we hope to bring you enlightenment through today’s article on the level of poverty in Botswana. The primary data used in this article was collected in partnership with Meeticks Africa through their rapid data collection solution via Whatsapp (Meeticks Surveys).

A Statistics Botswana publication reveals that in 2015, 16.3% of the population lived below $1.00 per day (roughly P10.85 at the time). In the absence of updated data, it can generally be agreed that the cost of living has significantly risen as exacerbated by the effects of covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war on economies and therefore it is not surprising that more people have fallen below the poverty datum line.

Of the more than 600 participants in our survey, only 1.8% confirmed that they had more than enough money to make it from month to month. 12.3% had just enough, while 23.2% confirmed their income was almost enough to cover their monthly expenses. However, 62.7% of the participants stated that they were not managing, and they were really struggling to make it to the next month.

A deeper search revealed that 63.6% of the group that was managing comfortably, were on salaries, 18.2% had their own businesses or side hustles, 9.1% survived on allowances from school, partners or parents and the remaining 9.1% had no income of their own but relied on family and friends. There is need, however, to ascertain the lifestyle and levels of income this group earns on a monthly basis to confirm how they manage through the months without making assumptions.

Knowing these demographics of your clients, helps you to package and price your products and services according to your market niche. Depending on what you offer, you may be decide to target high income earners only especially if your product does not meet a basic need. If you need to get deeper insights on this:

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