Surveys over WhatsApp for the African market.

Rapidly create and distribute surveys through our WhatsApp Chatbot – accessible to over 50% of the population.

Why WhatsApp Chatbots for Botswana?

Over 95% of mobile data users in Botswana are on WhatsApp. It is the most used mobile app.

Reach your customers where they are, easily.

Understand your customers.

Understand Who they are?

Whats their age, sex or gender? What town do they live in? What’s their education, or their financial background?

Understand Why there are?

Get deeper understanding beyond demographics. Do they value convenience over cost? Would they order online?

Get data. Get knowledge.

Make Informed Investment Decisions

Market research surveys make it easy to get opinions from potential and existing customers, test concepts, measure brand awareness, and more.

Get actionable data that can help you make sound investment decisions, reducing risk, increasing opportunity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep a competitive edge by truly understanding your customers. Customer satisfaction surveys help you find out exactly what your customers think of you, and help you improve your service offering.

This will help you provide a better Customer Experience and increase Customer Engagement.

How it works

Focus on building your survey, we handle the rest for you.


Create and schedule your survey from the dashboard.

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Monitor realtime insights as your survey runs



Export your survey report in PDF format or download the raw data in CSV.

Secured dashboard with data analytics

Manage everything via a powerful dashboard

Easy setup

Create and manage your surveys, tutorials and FAQs and make them available instantly available on your Whatsapp menu. Easily find information via our powerful search functionality.


Only you have access to your customers and your data. Our platform uses the latest HTTPS protocol along with strong authentication mechanisms and the latest encryption standards to ensure data security.

Data anlytics

We make life easier for you by providing ready made dashboard reports including charts and verbatims. At any point you know exactly how custoemrs are interacting with your surveys so you can adapt for better results.

Export your data

At any point, you can download your raw data in CSV or PDF format to include it in your internal data analytics pipeline. The CSV files can also be used for further analysis as you require.


Simple, flexible and affordable packages for your business needs.


Our basic plan for small scale surveys

P2,999 once off


1 Survey per month.

Up to 10 questions per survey

Up to 50 responses per survey


PDF report with graphical charts and word clouds


Logic jumps


CSV export of the survey responses


Market research experts

P9,999 /month


3 Surveys per month
Up to 20 questions per survey
Up to 250 responses per survey

PDF report with graphical charts and word clouds


Logic jumps


CSV export of the survey responses


Get more data and dig into the analytics

P14,999 /month


5 Surveys per month
Up to 50 questions per survey
Up to 500 responses per survey

PDF report with graphical charts and word clouds


Logic jumps


CSV export of the survey responses

One more thing

All our plans include

Powerful features to easily manage your surveys.

Delivery to our huge database of users


Realtime survey responses and performance


Scheduling survey start and stop


Automatic survey management


Email notification when your survey ends


Plan your survey to run when you're ready.


8 question types


User response validation


Detailed individual answers


Ability for users to answer multiple times.

Contact information

We’re here for to work with you and find the ideal solution to grow your business.

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Need a custom solution?

We can build your own WhatsApp survey platform that allows you to use your own WhatsApp number.