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As a research firm that focuses on market research, polls, and surveys, among others, we hope to bring insights to you through today’s article on the behaviours of consumers during shopping. We believe this kind of data is vital, especially for businesses that sell food and other groceries.

Prices have been on the rise lately leading to a rise in inflation on a monthly basis. Statistics Botswana in their Consumer Price Index July 2022 publication recorded an increase from 12.7% in June 2022 to 14.3% in July 2022. The rise in prices is worsened by the rise in fuel prices as well as VAT adjustments among other factors. Unfortunately, the consumer is the one who bears the brunt given that salaries do not increase at the same rate.

Meeticks Africa through their rapid data capturing solution via Whatsapp carried out a market survey on how consumers behave during shopping in Botswana. Of over 600 participants in the survey, 95.6% revealed that they compare prices first before buying. Only 4.4% stated they hardly or never looked at the prices when shopping.

Most (58.3%) of the respondents from this smaller group buy from retailers like Pick n Pay, Spar, Checkers, among others; while 33.3% buy from wholesalers such as Fours, Jumbo Sefalana and Trans and the remaining 8.4% said they buy from tuckshops and vendors who are close to them and are affordable therefore there is no need to check prices. Reasons given for the choice of retailers and wholesalers were quality of goods especially fresh produce, easily accessible, availability of products always, customer service, and affordability.

The survey dug into other consumer behaviours which will be shared in the next article. Armed with such insights, shop owners are then able to position themselves strategically in order to maintain or even increase their share in the competitive market. If you need to get insights on your own market niche, and the Meeticks Surveys platform, we are just a call away.

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